Zi Ha Mountains

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The Zi Ha Mountains are a range of mountains that run approximately north to south, splitting the northern reaches of the continent of Tian Xia. The Zi Ha Mountains are home to the samsaran kingdom of Zi Ha and the individual mountains of this chain can be divided into the Enlightened Peaks, the Savage Peaks, and the Wild Peaks. The Enlightened Peaks are those mountains controlled by the samsarans and are the most cultivated. In fact, the Enlightened Peaks are even home to many cities including the Zi Ha capital of Sangpo-Jong, as well as Babschu-Jong, Byangshar-Jong, and Dogul-Jong. The Savage Peaks are those controlled by the mountains' bloodthirsty inhabitants, ranging from tribes of savage giants, outcast hobgoblin clans from neighbouring Kaoling, and bands of murderous cannibals. Finally, the Wild Peaks are those claimed only by monsters or wildlife. Many of the Zi Ha Mountains are snow-capped with the tallest reaching over fifteen thousand feet in height.[1]