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Source: Rise of New Thassilon, pg(s). 76

Zinlun was a prominent slaver active in the ancient Thassilonian city of Malistoke. His cruelty and excess were a major influence on his most famous slave: Karzoug, the boy who would go on to become the final runelord of greed.1


By the time of Karzoug's birth in -5836 AR2, Zinlun was already a lich, as well as the most powerful slaver in Malistoke and the effective ruler of the city behind the scenes. He treated the young slave with unequalled cruelty until the 27-year-old Karzoug manipulated Zinlun into selling him to a cannibal in a fit of pique in -5809 AR.3 Over the following years, Zinlun watched Karzoug's rise to power with wariness, knowing that Karzoug's heart harboured hatred. After Karzoug became runelord of greed, Zinlun discovered his vengeful plan to destroy Malistoke and fled the Material Plane just hours before Karzoug put the plan into action. For the rest of the Age of Legend, Zinlun roamed the Great Beyond, waiting for Karzoug's reign to end.14

In -5180 AR,3 Zinlun came back to Golarion to find Karzoug gone and Thassilon destroyed. He rebuilt a new lair at the bottom of the Storval Deep, beneath the site of old Malistoke. He spent the following years terrorising the local Varisians, but increasingly became obsessed over Karzoug and spent more and more time in his tomb. With material he originally took from Karzoug's body, he created numerous clones of the runelord to capture his soul, but never succeeded, since Karzoug was still alive. He later turned to imbuing the clones with life so he could torture and kill them in creative ways, but he never found this pastime pleasing until he eventually succumbed to his torpor and became a demilich some time before Aroden's ascension.14

In 4707 AR, when Karzoug awakened in the Eye of Avarice, Zinlun awakened in his lair as well, waiting for the arrival of his former slave.14


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