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(div, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abaddon)
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 84-85

Akvans are the most powerful of the divs, with a hatred encompassing not only mortals but also genies.1


An akvan is a hulking creature clad in ornate armour, with rocky protrusions jutting from its hide and fierce horns crowning its broad head. Akvans stand approximately 40 feet tall and weigh over 30,000 pounds.1


Akvans transform their most hated victims, genies, into undead ghuls, either from the battlefield or belched up from the akvan's gullet. The ghuls serve the akvan and, over the ages, gather around it as an army of profane slaves. If the akvan dies, they become free-willed ghuls.1


Akvans' hatred of the gods of creation and beings renowned for inspiring art and wonder knows few equals. They seek out inspirational wonders, monuments from lost ages, or beings and establishments said to be invincible. Less subtle than most divs, akvans target symbols for destruction, bringing down not just stone and mortar but hopes and dreams.1

The obsessive compulsion for akvans is a hatred for genies and their allies. Akvans always go out of their way to hunt, destroy and consume genies. While wise enough to not waste their lives against obviously more powerful foes, akvans seek to bring low any such opponents by guile.1

Akvan princes

Many akvans gravitate toward a single genie race, targeting members of that race with particular passion. Over ages of service, notable genie-slaying akvans garner the attention of Ahriman, who blesses them with increased power, transforming them into akvan princes. Each akvan prince gains special abilities with which to slaughter a particular type of genies.1 Ahriman himself is almost never seen without at least one akvan prince bodyguard.2


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