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Div-spawn (spitespawn)

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Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 21

Spitespawn, also called div-spawn, are cambions descended from divs. Most are joyless creatures, embodiments of petty jealousy who can feel nothing.1


Spitespawn most often display mutations relating to either their skin or tongue. Unusual skin colouration, strangely shaped blotches and patches of thick fur are all relatively common deformities amongst spitespawn. More unusual mutations include mobile bulges beneath the skin that move and crawl like insects or unusually dry skin that constantly sheds an unpleasant desert dust.1


Descended from the spiteful div, most spitespawn cannot feel happiness or joy; the closest they can get is a sense of smug satisfaction while destroying the joy and happiness of others. In many respects, spitespawn often become the ultimate false friends, able to hide their lack of joy and sinister intent behind a veil of false smiles and misplaced confidences.1

On Golarion

Most spitespawn live in lands where both divs and genies exist, such as Jalmeray, Katapesh, Kelesh, Qadira, and Vudra. They also live beyond the lands of their birth; with their malicious and hateful nature, spitespawn are often forced to move on after having destroyed the lives of those closest to them. Having moved on, this cycle of false friendship and ruined lives begins anew.1


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