Alban (person)

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Titles General
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter
Gender Male
Homeland Kalabuto, Sargava

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 15
For another meaning of "Alban", please see Alban.

General Alban is the governor of the city of Kalabuto in Sargava. He is a Chelish colonial. Alban previously served as the Praetor of Eleder, but some sort of scandal caused the Grand Custodian to reassign him as far away as possible. He is openly scornful of the natives. Fort Kalabuto is Alban's home and headquarters.[1]

Forces from Mzali have sacked Kalabuto three times in recent years. Because of this, General Alban sends regular spying missions to Mzali to keep track of military preparations.[1]


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