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Baron Utilinus
Titles Grand Custodian of Sargava
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Class Cleric 10
Gender Male
Homeland Eleder, Sargava
Deity Iomedae

Source: Racing to Ruin, pg(s). 59

Baron Utilinus is the final ruler of Sargava, having adopted the customary title of Custodian. However, his grip on power was tenuous, as he was forced to deal with the claims of the Free Captains while simultaneously confronting the insurrections in Kalabuto. Utilinus was a competent enough ruler, but the challenges facing his reign may prove to be too great for him to master.[1]

Baron Utilinus replaced Baron Grallus in 4662 AR.[2] In 4715 AR, he was overthrown by Mwangi rebels and colonist sympathisers, who put an end to the colonial government and returned the land to native rule under the new name of Vidrian.[3]