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An almiraj.

The almiraj is a small magical beast resembling a rabbit with a unicorn-like horn in the middle of its forehead. They are popular familiars among witches.12


Unlike true rabbits, almirajes are highly aggressive, territorial carnivores. They hunt by using their horn to gore their prey; however, since creatures killed by an almiraj's horn are immediately turned to stone, almirajes have to eat their prey while it is still alive.1

In addition to being found in the Material Plane, almirajes also exist in the First World.3


It is thought that almirajes were created through arcane means, due to the creatures' association with witches, their susceptibility to hexes and the magical properties of their horns. As such, it is possible that witches might have created the first almirajes as a deliberate attempt to produce a new type of familiar.1


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