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Animated object
Animated coat, pumpkin, and chains arranged to resemble a ghost.

Animated objects are a wide category of seemingly intelligent, but actually quite mindless, objects given spirit and motion via magic (generally the animate object spell). They can range in size from the very small, such as a candelabra, to quite large, such as a ship.12

The most commonly encountered animated objects, especially by traveling adventurers, are permanently animated by rituals or infused positive energy and serve as guardians, distractions, or menial servants. They can also result from certain restless incorporeal undead.2

Animated objects can be awakened, which grants them a rudimentary intelligence.3


  • Animated armor2
  • Animated broom2
  • Animated colossus4
  • Animated furnace5
  • Animated silverware swarm5
  • Animated statue2
  • Animated trebuchet4


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