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Abandoned zealot
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Abandoned zealots, or apostasy wraiths, are undead created from the unquiet souls of those who have unknowingly held false faiths.1 Upon reaching Pharasma's Court and learning that their religion was a fraud, some souls might feel such hatred that they return to the Universe as abandoned zealots.2


Abandoned zealots are smokey, vaguely humanoid figures wrapped in the clothing of their religion. As the most common kind of abandoned zealot are the followers of the mortal wizard Razmir, abandoned zealots often wear broken masks emblematic of the worship of Razmir.1


Abandoned zealots are most dangerous to divine spellcasters and, especially, priests of their former faith. The touch of an abandoned zealot can not only suffuse their prey with negative energies, but can also sever connection to divine energies that priests rely upon. The howls of regret of the abandoned zealots can also disrupt divine spellcasting if cast sufficiently near the abandoned zealot. Abandoned zealots also possess the resiliency inherent to incorporeal beings occupying the Material Plane, though unlike many other varieties of undead spirit, are not anchored permanently to the Material Plane and can be dealt with conventionally.1


Abandoned zealots can appear in any region, though as mentioned above, Razmiran has a disproportionate number of abandoned zealots. Abandoned zealots tend to maintain the common and regional tongues of their native land. Abandoned zealots are also known to appear near the Starstone Cathedral in Absalom, created on occasion out of the failed would-be gods. These abandoned zealots seek out their fellow aspirants primarily rather than priests.1


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