Argulk Hroalund

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Argulk Hroalund
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Canorate, Molthune

Source: A Matter of Knives, pg(s). 1–3

Argulk Hroalund is a knife merchant and trapsmith living in the Molthuni capital of Canorate. Not the youngest of men, Hroalund suffers from gout, but is otherwise still quite savvy. He runs his shop, Hroalund's House of Blades, together with his slave and confidante, Tantaerra Loroeva Klazra.[1]


Hroalund survived an assassination attempt by his competitors, Loryn Garldrake and Semdeira Sarpent, thanks to the quick reflexes of Klazra. She repaid his attackers in kind after discovering their plans to frame Hroalund for their own immoral business practices.[1]