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Nation Molthune
Region Canorate province
Size Metropolis
Population 27,450
Demographics 24,900 humans, 1,450 halflings, 500 half-elves, 350 elves, 250 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas
Leader Imperial Castellan Volos

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 11f.
For another meaning of "Canorate", please see Canorate (province).

Canorate is the capital of the nation of Molthune. It is an impressive city which manages to combine architectural splendor with defensive fortifications. It is said that even the poor of Canorate live in luxury, and to a certain extent this is true—citizens allow a select number of necessary laborers to live in fine accommodation (but naturally kept separate from the rest of the population) in order to encourage them to settle in the city.

The city's most exclusive district is known as the Sweet Orchard. Non-residents are not allowed to enter this exclusive section without a valid work or travel permit.

The Imperial Castle dominates the center of the city. The ruler of Molthune, Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas, maintains an impressive war room within the castle. Pride of place is given to a large scale model of the Inner Sea region, on which the generals plot their next campaigns.[1]



In addition to the humans who make up the majority of the city's people, Canorate has one of the largest populations of halflings in the Inner Sea region. These halflings are famous for their skilled sculptors and artisans able to work at great heights on Molthune's buildings, creating works of great beauty. Local nobles often employ halfling artists for such works.[2]


Paizo published a gazetteer and map of Canorate in Lands of Conflict.

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