Semdeira Sarpent

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Semdeira Sarpent
Semdeira Sarpent

Source: A Matter of Knives, pg(s). 1–3

Semdeira Sarpent was a dishonorable arms and armor merchant working in the Molthuni capital of Canorate co-owning the business of Garldrake and Sarpent. Together with her partner, Loryn Garldrake, they pawned off poor quality merchandise to the government and upper-class citizens of the capital for enormous profit. They sold these goods at cut-rate prices, and managed to eventually put nearly all of their competitors out of business. Their ultimate plan was to kill and frame Argulk Hroalund, one of their few remaining competitors, for their own misdeeds. Their assassination plan failed, however, and Master Hroalund and his slave, Tantaerra Loroeva Klazra, turned the tables on them, killing them instead.1