Hroalund's House of Blades

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Tantaerra Loroeva Klazra, the halfling slave who helps run Hroalund's House of Blades.

Hroalund's House of Blades was primarily a knife shop in the Molthuni capital of Canorate. It was run by its proprietor, Argulk Hroalund, and his halfling slave and confidante Tantaerra Loroeva Klazra until Hroalund's killing during a pricing dispute in 4713 AR.1

Unlike other shops in the more affluent Sweet Orchard district that dabble in cheap goods at exorbitant prices, Hroalund's sold quality knives at a fair rate. Rumors suggested much of his stock came from Druma. Hroalund also ran a side business out of the shop installing traps in private homes and businesses.2