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The Wizard's Mask

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The Wizard's Mask
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Book - Novel
June 2013

The Wizard's Mask, a Pathfinder Tales novel by Ed Greenwood, was released in June 2013.

Into the Shattered Tomb
In the war-torn lands of Molthune and Nirmathas, where rebels fight an endless war of secession against an oppressive military government, the constant fighting can make for strange alliances. Such is the case for the man known only as The Masked, the victim of a magical curse that forces him to hide his face, and an escaped halfling slave named Tantaerra. Thrown together by chance, the two fugitives find themselves conscripted by both sides of the conflict and forced to search for a magical artifact that could help shift the balance of power and end the bloodshed for good. But in order to survive, the thieves will first need to learn to the one thing none of their adventures have taught them: how to trust each other.


The Wizard's Mask features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Chapter 1 Hard Times in Halidon (9)
  • Chapter 2 A Halfling on the Run (29)
  • Chapter 3 Ten Silver Weights (45)
  • Chapter 4 Treacherous Moonlight (67)
  • Chapter 5 City of Vipers (83)
  • Chapter 6 Swords in the Night (105)
  • Chapter 7 Braganza, Battle, and a Bath (121)
  • Chapter 8 A Lord of Telcanor (145)
  • Chapter 9 Go to Your Deaths (167)
  • Chapter 10 Welcome to Nirmathas (189)
  • Chapter 11 Ahrkholm Unmasked (211)
  • Chapter 12 Wizards, Scripts, and Secrets (229)
  • Chapter 13 Deep in Nirmathas (253)
  • Chapter 14 Into the Tomb (277)
  • Chapter 15 Death, Death Everywhere (297)
  • Chapter 16 Unmaskings (317)
  • Chapter 17 Luraumadar (337)
  • Chapter 18 Telcanor Forever (357)
  • Chapter 19 Blade, Gauntlet, and Wizard (377)
  • Chapter 20 In the House of Telcanor (397)
  • About the Author (423)
  • Glossary (425)


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Plot summary


The events of The Wizard's Mask occur after those of the Pathfinder Tales web fiction, A Matter of Knives.

Author interview

Paizo published an interview conducted by James L. Sutter with author Ed Greenwood on June 20, 2013.