Markwin Teldas

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Markwin Teldas

Imperial Governor
High Commander of the Molthuni Imperial Army
Territorial Governor of Canorate
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 123

The military oligarchy who rules the war-torn nation of Molthune is governed by the nine General Lords who are in turn led by Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas, who also holds the title and role of High Commander of the Molthuni Imperial Army.1 Teldas is intelligent and aggressive, and while few like him, most Molthuni acknowledge his skill in governing. Teldas has developed a long-term plan to improve Molthune's military and work force by offering government subsidies to families with many children while simultaneously granting full citizenship to serfs who serve five years in the military. This has made him popular with the lower classes but made him some enemies among the ruling elite.2 His efforts to strengthen Molthune have also led him to expand its citizenry.3

In 4706 AR, Governor Teldas declared the Pathfinder Society an enemy of the state after the Society established a Pathfinder lodge in the Nirmathi capital: Nirmathas and Molthune have been at war for years.4


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