Arronax Endymion

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Arronax Endymion
A caricature of Arronax Endymion.

Admiral (disgraced); Pirate lord
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 171

Arronax Endymion was once an admiral in the navy of Cheliax, but nowadays he is a member of the Pirate Council of the Shackles. He is captain of the frigate Tyrannous, and leads a squadron of Shackles Pirates known as the Devils' Own.1

He rules the port of Hell Harbor on the island known as Devil's Arches. He is a lover of traditional Chelish opera, performed in the original Azlanti (not to be confused with the modern style currently popular in Cheliax).

The admiral is worried that his new career will not have found favour in Cheliax, and has barred ethnic Chelaxians from his town. He is also seeking to exterminate the town's large imp population, in case some of them are Chelish spies.2

It is not known what scandal forced the former admiral to resign from the Chelish Navy. Thus far, he has slain at least six people who had claimed to have known specific details of his disgrace.3


Arronax was born in Westcrown. He was the second son of the famed Commodore Arrodius Endymion and he followed in his father's steps, enlisting in the Chelish Imperial Navy at the young age of 16. His father had young Arronax stationed at a relatively safe port in the Bay of Solva, but Arronax lusted for a chance to prove himself in battle. He was moved to the naval force guarding the Arch of Aroden at Corentyn. He stayed at the Arch for the next five years, attaining the rank of captain and getting married to beautiful Adelise, soon after. The young captain's successes caught the eye of the wealthy noble Lyserius Thrune who offered to sponsor him. Arronax swiftly achieved the rank of admiral, in command of the Fourth Chelish Fleet. During this time, Arronax spent months at sea chasing down enemies of House Thrune as far north as the Steaming Sea, east to the isle of Jalmeray, and south to Desperation Bay. Arronax grew rich and his young wife often expected to attend important social affairs and she grew quite versed in culture and politics. She eventually fell into a sordid and very public affair with Lyserius Thrune. When Arronax learned of the affair he went straight to the wealthy noble and demanded a duel. Lyserius just ordered a guard to shoot him and had him thrown out of Lyserius' court. Arronax, wounded in the knee, staggered back to his ship. He retaliated by plundering Lyserius' shipping houses and burning them to the ground.4

Arronax Endymion fled past the Arch of Aroden in his flagship Tyrannous in order to save his life. Six more ships crewed by mutineers who had sworn their personal fealty to him years ago accompanied him. Endymion's fleet managed to escape the pursuit by the Chelish Navy, by sailing directly into the roaring Eye of Abendego. His flotilla survived and two weeks later Endymion laid siege to Hell Harbor, sinking a dozen pirate vessels and overcoming the town's land defenses with ease.5


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