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Artokus Kirran

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Artokus Kirran
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human (Garundi)
Class Alchemist 20
Gender Male
Homeland Merab, Thuvia

Source: Inner Sea Magic, pg(s). 5

The alchemist Artokus Kirran (sometimes spelled Kieran)[1] was born in the city-state of Merab, in Thuvia, and it was here that he discovered the formula of the fabled sun orchid elixir in 1140 AR. By law he is the only Thuvian allowed to take the elixir, and its anti-aging property means that he may still be alive today in the Citadel of the Alchemist.

Kirran has not been seen in living memory, but every year, six vials of the elixir are carried forth from the Citadel and taken to be auctioned in one of Thuvia's five city-states.[2]

Thuvian wish alchemy

Kirran also discovered Thuvian wish alchemy, although this discovery is not as well known as the sun orchid elixir.[3]