Ascendance Day

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This article covers the Iomedaean holiday. For the Norgorberite holiday, see Ascendance Night. For the Caydenite holiday, see Ascension Day.

Ascendance Day is an Iomedaean holiday, held on the 6th of Lamashan. The day marks the anniversary of the day Iomedae took the Test of the Starstone in the autumn of 3832 AR and ascended to godhood.


The day is a joyous celebration for the faithful, with singing, pledging of friendships, and forgiving of old grudges.12

To many, the Test of the Starstone represents the greatest of all challenges, yet for Iomedae it was one of three storied promotions in her rise from Aroden's herald to a goddess in her own right. On the 6th of Lamashan, the Inheritor's faithful observe the heroism of Iomedae's life before her moment of ascension and celebrate the anniversary of the apotheosis itself.

The celebration takes place in several stages. Early in the day, troupes of performers—as often passionate amateurs as professionals—stage morality plays featuring the Eleven Acts of Iomedae, the heroic near-miracles and sacrifices she made leading up to her trials in the Starstone Cathedral. Scripts vary by region, city, and even neighborhood, but despite differences in setting, performance medium, and word choice, the themes and morals are all the same.

As the day continues, the priests organize jousts and mock battles, allowing anyone to participate so long as she can demonstrate enough skill to not be a risk to herself or others. The winners of these contests then face tests of mental acuity such as solving riddles, deciphering philosophical quandaries, and answering questions of honor and justice. Those who prove themselves in both contests are awarded a white cloak—representing the Inheritor at peace—styled after Iomedae's own red garment to wear for the rest of the celebration. Feasting and singing follow the competitions, mirroring the jubilation that followed Iomedae's ascension. This is occasion for making pledges of friendship and forgiving enemies, and priests circulate about the crowd offering the Inheritor's blessing to those who do and providing a moment's counsel or mediation for those who need an extra nudge.

The celebration typically ends before midnight, and the following day the priests and previous day's champions gather up the blunted swords from the mock battles, sharpen them, and distribute them among the church's armory and those of like-minded organizations so that all may remain vigilant against evil and prepared to strike it down.3


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