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An asurendra.

(asura, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 24-25

Asurendras are the mightiest asuras under only the asura ranas and are the wise ones of asura-kind.1


Each asurendra is an immense humanoid creature, typically reaching a height of 19 feet and a weight of 8000 pounds. Their exact appearance varies, but all asurendras have six arms and multiple eyes and heads. An asurendra's body is athletically and gracefully built, but its face is monstrous or inhuman, with tusks or bizarrely placed features. It is garbed in golden armour and surrounded by a nimbus of floating, glowing weaponry.1


Asurendras are rarely born as such and usually only achieve this status after having spent countless lifetimes as lesser asuras. Following their own bliss toward a specific aspect of unmaking, through dark meditation and vile action, these asuras eventually ascended to a state of being united with this aspect. They also gained power over their own being and slowly reshaped themselves into a perfect instruments of destruction against gods and divine works.1

Asurendras take care to ensure the death of any foe that falls in battle. Asurendras enjoy eating the corpses of enemies, and some harvest flesh and bone as material to create asura servants.1


Few asurendras possess anything resembling an extended realm. Most dwell within shrinelike fortresses where they can practise their ruinous mysticism and command lesser asura students. Asurendras teach their ways to others so that more asuras might ascend into perfection. To most asuras, an asurendra's order is something akin to a deific edict.1


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