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Barttley Manor

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Barttley Manor is the run-down home of the undead Mr. Barttley in Ardis, the former capital of Ustalav. Like many of the noble estates now left to rot along Merridweigh Gardens, Barttley Manor is little more than a decrepit wreck that looks ready to collapse into the Vhatsuntide River it neighbours.1 The grounds of the manor, like much of "Mud Way", are inundated with water to the point of practically being swamp, and this has caused the house to dangerously subside. The grounds are also scattered with furnishings, seemingly hastily abandoned by those who once tried to loot them. The inside of the two-storey home has survived little better: it rooms, scattered with destroyed furnishings, are guarded by a zombie dog.2 The only room to have remained even slightly intact is the library, though much of its once wonderful collection lies smashed across its floor, the pages of most of its books dissolving back into vegetative mush as vines intrude into the room through shattered skylights. The room is now decorated with crudely made taxidermies of a variety of common vermin like rats, snakes, and pigeons.3