Maraet Odranti

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Maraet Odranti
Titles Queen of Ustalav
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Ardis, Ardeal, Ustalav
Organization House Odranti
Born 4584 AR
Died 4658 AR

Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 78-79

Queen Maraet Odranti inherited the throne of Ustalav upon the death of her father Prince Knoldaman Odranti in 4604 AR. Her older brother the rebellious, anti-monarchist Leiralt Odranti (later to become known as 'The Lost Prince') had stood before her in the line of succession, but he disappeared in 4604 AR, the year of his father's death. Despite benefitting from her brother's mysterious 'disappearance', Maraet desperately searched for her presumably-dead brother, even contacting the Pharasmin High Bishop of Ardis to try and summon his spirit back from beyond the grave, but all to no avail.[1]