Knoldaman Odranti

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Knoldaman Odranti
Titles Prince of Ustalav
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Ardis, Ardeal, Ustalav
Organization House Odranti
Born 4537 AR
Died 4604 AR

Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 78-79

Prince Knoldaman Odranti was ruler of Ustalav who died in 4604 AR, passing his crown to his daughter Maraet Odranti. Born in 4537 AR, his length of rule is unknown but he lived to 67 years of age. He fathered two children, his younger daughter and eventual successor Maraet Odranti and her older, rebellious brother Leiralt Odranti who, after his mysterious disappearance, became known as 'The Lost Prince'.[1]