Soividia Ustav

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Soividia Ustav

King of Ustalav, First-King
Ardealia, first wife
Source: Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 190, 191

Born in the town of Ardis, Soividia Ustav was the Varisian hero who united the fractious Varisian settlements on the northern shore of Lake Encarthan, displacing the native Kellid population, and founding the nation of Ustalav in 2361 AR.12


After defeating the Kellid shaman-king Voagx of the Stormheart clan, Ustav is said to have wrapped an important menhir central to the Kellid's religion in chains and dragged it from its holy place to Crusader's Square, the central square in Ustalav's new capital of Ardis, where he could see it from his palace.3 Today that stone is known as the Blindstone.4 He is known to have also personally led the forces that drove the dreaded Death's Head tribe of orcs from the Hungry Mountains, forcing them to relocate to the Hold of Belkzen to the west.5 After creating the nation, Ustav divided control of the various counties between his subordinates and allies, a system that would last for over 500 years.6


His descendants ruled Ustalav for over 500 years, bringing about what many consider to be the nation's golden age. Ustav's royal line came to an end during the reign of the Whispering Tyrant. After the lich was defeated in 3827 AR, a royal line with extremely tenuous ties to Ustav was re-established, but could not reclaim the nation's former glory.78961


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