Leiralt Odranti

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Leiralt Odranti
Titles The Lost Prince
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Ardis, Ardeal, Ustalav
Organization House Odranti
Born 4577 AR
Died 4604 AR

Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 78-79

Most commonly now remembered as the Lost Prince, Leiralt Odranti was the son of Prince Knoldaman Odranti but, despite his royal blood, he was a rebellious anti-monarchist who seemed set on destroying the entire aristocracy with his radical notions. His murder in 4604 AR by a conspiracy of Ardis elites from some of the city's most influential noble families (including House Ferendri, House Geirais, House Halboncrant, and House Troidais) paved the way for his more conservative sister, Maraet Odranti, to inherit the throne. Leiralt was murdered with a magical dagger that had been created by a Chelaxian wizard called Kirrahjah, who was famous for passing himself off as a Qadiran mystic.[1] The dagger entrapped the soul of the Lost Prince within it; the body was then stashed in the Venacdahlia crypt within the Evercrown Cemetery where his vengeful spirit lay awaiting release.[2]