Beast of Lepidstadt

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Beast of Lepidstadt
Aliases Dipplemere Horror
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Flesh golem
Class Barbarian 6

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 14

The Beast of Lepidstadt is a flesh golem from the region of Vieland in northwestern Ustalav, and as far as the residents of that region are concerned, a menace beyond compare.[1]


The Beast is said to be made of the bodies of condemned criminals and while human sized he posses the strength of an ogre.[1]


The Beast of Lepidstadt was created 20 years ago, gaining its name after it committed a series of grizzly murders in the city of Lepidstadt. The Beast is widely (and incorrectly) believed to have been created by Dr. Henri Moritz of the University of Lepidstadt, as he was its first victim. A number of other high-profile murders have also been attributed to the Beast—all committed with its signature weapon, a vicious ogre hook.[2]

In fact, the Beast's true creator, Count Alpon Caromarc, animated the creature to exact revenge on those who forced him to abdicate rule of Vieland.[3] Though the Beast of Lepidstadt is free-willed, Caromarc can control it through the use of a magical device called the Bondslave Thrall that he keeps hidden in Schloss Caromarc, though he has rarely done so in recent years.[4]

Despite its name, the Beast of Lepidstadt is no animal, but rather an intelligent creature; a flesh golem that has gained sentience. Though the Beast is a fearsome combatant and easily provoked, some claim to have seen the beast recite Taldan poetry and return lost children from the wilderness. The Beast has sought to understand its relationship to the humans that surround it for as long as it has existed but remains unsure why they hate it so much. The Beast has also recently gained access to a flesh golem manual, which it has been studying in an attempt to overcome its innate rage.[2]

The Beast of Lepidstadt has not been seen in Lepidstadt for over 5 years and now has gained a new moniker, the Dippelmere Horror, for the Dippelmere Swamp in which it now resides.[1]

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