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Alpon Caromarc

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Alpon Caromarc

Count of Vieland
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 33

Alpon Caromarc is the former Count of Vieland in Ustalav. He is the creator of the Beast of Lepidstadt and resides in Schloss Caromarc in northern Vieland.1 He has authored Dark Nights at Schloss Caromarc.2


Count Alpon Caromarc was the last hereditary ruler of Vieland. He abdicated his rule in 4670 AR following the rise of parliamentary rule in the counties of Canterwall and Lozeri.3 Although Alpon relinquished power voluntarily, he did so only because he believed he had no other choice.4 In truth, the rise of the Palatinates infuriated Alpon.1

About 20 years after abdicating, Alpon completed construction of a flesh golem that would come to be known as the Beast of Lepidstadt.4 This act of creation was fueled by his anger toward those who stole rulership from him and the grief of having lost his wife and unborn child during childbirth.5 Alpon used his limited control over his creation to exact revenge on a number of his enemies, the first among them Dr. Henri Moritz, but eventually his temper cooled and he abandoned the Beast in favor of even stranger experiments.1

Homunculi of Lepidstadt

The University of Lepidstadt is one of the world's leading authorities on the creation and alteration of homunculi, though recently all advanced courses on the subject have been banned for ethical reasons. A number of scholars, Count Alpon Caromarc among them, still practice these techniques in secret, but only Alpon remains willing to teach his methods.6


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