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Dippelmere Swamp

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The Dippelmere Swamp is found in the north-eastern corner of the county of Vieland, in Ustalav. This extension of the vast Shudderwood is a boggy area within the quasi-island formed by the Lesser Moutray River and the Troll's Tail river. On the opposite bank of the Lesser Moutray stands the county seat of Lepidstadt and, sharing the quasi-island, is Schloss Caromarc. It is thought that the presence of the Dipplemere protected the founders of Lepidstadt from orcs and Kellid-folk and allowed that city to grow. The Dipplemere, itself, is infamous for its burgeoning population of trolls and marsh giants, as well as swamp lords who reputedly command sentient plant creatures.[1][2][3]