Burnt Offerings (Pathfinder Legends)

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Pathfinder Legends—Rise of the Runelords #1: Burnt Offerings
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Audio - Full-cast Audio Drama

Burnt Offerings, a Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio drama based on the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, was released in March 2014. It was written by Mark Wright and directed by John Ainsworth, and stars Trevor Littledale, Ian Brooker, Stewart Alexander, Kerry Skinner. It is the debut Pathfinder Legends program and the first of six in the Rise of the Runelords series.

Sandpoint. An ordinary town on the Lost Coast of Varisia. When Ezren, Merisiel, Valeros and Harsk arrive, seeking rest from their adventures, it seems the town's annual Swallowtail Festival will give them what they need—until goblins attack during a ceremony to consecrate the town's rebuilt church.

After defending Sandpoint, the adventurers discover a sinister plot to return an ancient evil to Varisia. Can they discover the sinister connection between the goblin attack and the removal of mortal remains from a crypt in the town's graveyard?

This is just the beginning of a new quest for the iconic Pathfinder characters Ezren, Merisiel, Valeros and Harsk. The Rise of the Runelords begins with burnt offerings—and only four heroes stand against it.


Written by: Mark Wright

Director: John Ainsworth

Sound Design: Simon Hunt

Music: Steve Foxon


Ezren: Trevor Littledale

Harsk: Ian Brooker

Valeros: Stewart Alexander

Merisiel: Kerry Skinner

Ameiko: Yuriri Naka

Hemlock: Toby Longworth

Tsuto: Kevin Shen

Nualia: Katarina Olsson

Foxglove: Duncan Wisbey

Deverin: Helen Goldwyn

Townswoman: Sunny Ormonde


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