The Skinsaw Murders (Pathfinder Legends)

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Pathfinder Legends—Rise of the Runelords #2: The Skinsaw Murders
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Audio - Full-cast Audio Drama

The Skinsaw Murders, a Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio drama based on the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, was released in May 2014. It was written by Cavan Scott and directed by John Ainsworth, and stars Trevor Littledale, Ian Brooker, Stewart Alexander, Kerry Skinner.

Sandpoint used to be such a safe place to live—until the scarecrows started to walk. A series of grisly murders points to an undead killer. With Merisiel missing, Valeros, Harsk and Ezren must track the mysterious Skinsaw Man back to his haunted lair. Can they survive vengeful spirits, necrotic guardians and assassin cults to discover the secrets of the ancient rune carved into each of the corpses? Or will death find them as they explore the dangerousstreets of Magnimar?


Written by: Cavan Scott

Director: John Ainsworth

Sound Design: Simon Hunt

Music: Steve Foxon


Ezren: Trevor Littledale

Harsk: Ian Brooker

Valeros: Stewart Alexander

Merisiel: Kerry Skinner

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Yuriri Naka

Belor Hemlock: Toby Longworth

Iesha Foxglove: Katarina Olsson

Aldern Foxglove: Duncan Wisbey

Justice Ironbriar: Tam Williams

Lissa Hambley: Helen Goldwyn

Xanesha: Sunny Ormonde

Maester Grump: Sean Connolly


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