Fortress of the Stone Giants (Pathfinder Legends)

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Pathfinder Legends—Rise of the Runelords #4: Fortress of the Stone Giants
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Audio - Full-cast Audio Drama

Fortress of the Stone Giants, a Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio drama based on the Rise of the Runelords adventure path, was released in September 2014. It was written by Cavan Scott and stars Trevor Littledale, Ian Brooker, Stewart Alexander, and Kerry Skinner.

Sandpoint burns.

Marauding Stone Giants are swarming down from the mountains, raiding every town they find. Can Valeros, Harsk, Merisiel, and Ezren return in time to protect their new-found home?

Rumors that the attacks are the first of many spread like wildfire. Are the giants truly rallying for war under the command of the warlord Mokmurian? What horrors lie beneath his unholy fortress?

With Valeros in the clutches of a vengeful dragon, and harpies ready to feed on their bones, the adventurers must risk all to travel to the stone giant fortress of Jorgenfist. Karzoug is rising and no one is safe.

Pathfinder Legends audio dramas adapt the world and characters of the best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each episode runs about an hour and features a cast of professional actors, sound effects, and music that immerse you into the dangerous and exciting world of Pathfinder!


Written by: Cavan Scott

Director: John Ainsworth

Sound Design: Steve Foxon

Music: Steve Foxon


Ezren: Trevor Littledale

Harsk: Ian Brooker

Valeros: Stewart Alexander

Merisiel / Almara: Kerry Skinner

Ameiko Kaijitsu: Yuriri Naka

Belor Hemlock: Toby Longworth

Longtooth: Steven Wickham

Shayliss Vinder / Conna the Wise / Almera: Annette Badland

Teraktinus: Mark Donovan

Mokmurian: Harry Myers

Karzoug: Nicholas Rowe

Stone giants: David Dobson, John Banks, Jason Mitchell


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