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A capramace.
Type Aberration
CR 7
Environment Temperate plains
Images of capramaces

Source: Wardens of the Reborn Forge, pg(s). 61

Capramaces are wild aberrations that look like a cross between a human and a goat. They roam the Mana Wastes.[1]


A capramace has the head of a horned goat and somewhat humanoid body, but with a backward-facing torso and four hooves. Its flesh has a coppery red tone.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Capramaces are a product of the Mana Wastes' mutative properties, and roam the wastes in wild packs or herds of up to two dozen. None know how they came into being.[1]

A few inhabitants of the wastes attempt to domesticate and use capramaces as work animals, but most simply try to avoid disturbing them.[1]


A capramace can call for its herd with a deafening scream that can be heard from up to a mile away.[1]