Path River

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The Path River, which is sometimes just called The Path, rises in the east of the Hold of Belkzen, about 20 miles south-east of Urgir. It travels in a south-easterly direction and very quickly leaves the Hold, then becoming the border between the countries of Ustalav and Lastwall until it finally empties, after over 250 miles, into Lake Encarthan.1


The river has three main tributaries:1

  1. the Mesmos River, which joins from out of the Hungry Mountains in Virlych;
  2. the River Esk, which joins east of Vigil, the capital of Lastwall;
  3. the Carabosse River, which is the border between Virlych and Caliphas, joins at Hallein Town.

The Virlych/Lastwall border

For about half of its entire length, the river is more accurately the border between Lastwall and the benighted Ustalavic county of Virlych, wherein lies the prison of the Whispering Tyrant: the very thing which Lastwall was created to guard. The Ebonwall forest comes down to the river's northern banks as it flows through eastern Virlych.1

The Caliphas/Lastwall border

Downstream of Virlych, just after the Carabosse River flows into the Path, the river becomes the border between Lastwall and the county of Caliphas. During this period of its run, the river passes through the Caliphas township of Grayce.1