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Catspaw Marauders

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Catspaw Marauders
Type Mercenary band
Leader Avinash
Headquarters Ustalav, was Hajoth Hakados

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 249

The Catspaw Marauders are an Ustalavic mercenary band led by their captain Avinash.[1] They were tolerated for a time in the open and friendly town of Hajoth Hakados in the Numerian Plains, but recently their predations proved too severe, and the residents drove them out. Their secret headquarters in the town are abandoned.[2]

In 4675 AR, Catspaw Marauders backed Kamdyn Arnefax in his devastating sneak attack on the forces of Razmiran on the west bank of the Sellen River that became known as the Moonlight Massacre.[3]


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