Numerian Plains

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Numerian Plains
Nation Numeria
Alignment Neutral

Source: Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars, pg(s). 10ff.

The Numerian Plains is the most fertile region in Numeria. It is separated from the Sovereign's Reach region by the First Blade's Path. The region's agriculture is so important that the Black Sovereign and the Technic League don't interfere. Of the four regions of Numeria, the Numerian Plains are the most "civilized" reaches of the land. Notable settlements in the region are the city of Hajoth Hakados, the large towns of Iadenveigh and Torch, the small town of Marstol, as well as the small community of Blackpipe. A number of small farming settlements are found on the shores of either the Dagger River or the Seven Tears River. The largest settlement of androids in Numeria, the Szamrak's Haven, lies hidden in a series of caverns beneath the western Numerian Plains.1


Paizo published a major chapter considering the Numerian Plains in Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars.