Gronzi Forest

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The Gronzi Forest, also known as "The Forest" to the locals of Brevoy, is the only woodland of any size within that nation. It covers House Medvyed's lands and sweeps from the Icerime Peaks to the shores of Lake Reykal, the former border between the nations of Issia and Rostland.12 Illegal hunting and woodcutting goes on around the forest's outskirts—particularly in its west—even though its resources are ostensibly protected by the Brevic Crown.3 The parts of the forest near the capital of New Stetven have largely been clear-cut to rebuild and expand the city. Its woodcutters must travel ever further to the north and west to find unspoiled stands of lumber.2


The forest is currently menaced by a bandit chieftain known as Duma the Sly, who raids merchants, travelers, and tax-collectors. The chieftain gives part of his proceeds to the poor, so the people love him, even as King Surtova and the army oppose his efforts.3

The forest is also home to communities of gnomes. These enclaves are considered uncivilized and shamanistic by the usual standards of their race and mostly keep to themselves.4 Taiga giants are also found in the Gronzi, having settled there after the opening of the Worldwound cut them off from populations farther west.5