Common eurypterid

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Common eurypterid
A common eurypterid.

Temperate or warm ocean
Source: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (1E), pgs. 78–79
Bestiary 3, pg. 97

The common eurypterid is, like its name suggests, the most prolific variety of eurypterid to be found in Golarion's oceans.1

On Golarion

This dog-sized aggressive aquatic predator can be found along the western coast of Garund, where it terrorizes sailors and coastal land-dwellers alike. A single sting from a common eurypterid is generally strong enough to kill only small children or the elderly, although a human-sized specimen is hardy enough to make short work of its prey with its sharp pincers instead.1

Some sea captains have experimented with using common eurypterids instead of cats to control rat infestations on their ships. Unfortunately, this often comes with the price of crew members losing fingers to the aggressive arthropods.12

As food

Common eurytperids' meat, which turns gelatinous when cooked, is a staple for people in Golarion's marshlands where it is well-suited to spicy stews.3


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