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A drawing of a eurypterid.

Eurypterids are a family of venomous, sea-born vermin also known as sea scorpions. These aggressive predators resemble a cross between a scorpion and some form of crustacean.1

Habitat and ecology

Species come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, from the dog-sized ochre eurypterid to the colossal spitting eurypterid. While preferring to live and hunt in the water, some have scuttled onto land in search of prey and are thought to be able to exist on land indefinitely.1

Eurypterid species also include the common, bluetip, and spiny eurypterid.1

On Golarion

A giant eurypterid was part of the collection of Nireed Wadincoast's Aquaretum in Magnimar. Its monthly feeding costs alone exceeded 100 gp.2

Captain Barnabas Harrigan of the Shackles kept a spiny eurypterid in a sinkhole as a pet.3 The ulat-kini Gizmirr also kept a spiny eurypterid as pet and named it Ol' Pokey.4

A tribe of ulat-kinis in Sekamina who dwell near the resting place of Savith's Iron domesticated eurypterids for use as combatants.5

As food

Eurypterid meat, which becomes gelatinous when cooked, has a sweet taste resembling shrimp or crab. It is uncommonly fished due to its texture and the dangers of fishing for them.6

In the Great Beyond

The Plane of Earth is home to magical fossil fragments capable of turning into a spiny eurypterid.7


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