Cubes of Nex

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Cubes of Nex
(Magic item)
Aura Varies
Type Wondrous item
Slot None
Affiliation Geb, Nex

Source: Classic Treasures Revisited, pg(s). 13-14

The nine Cubes of Nex were created by archmage Nex himself during his endless wars with Geb. The legends say that the Cubes of Nex were the first cubes of force.

It is believed that Nex kept the Cube of Nex for himself, and gifted one to each of his eight most loyal wizards. The powers of the Cube of Nex were a closely guarded secret, but rumor has it that, with his cube, Nex could block incoming magic at will while still casting spells outward. The eight Cubes of Nex are designed to thwart spells from one of the eight schools of magic, even when not activated and block its opposition school so as not to interfere with the spellcasting. Each one does so in a different way.[1]

The abjuration cube has the ability to negate abjuration magic in its vicinity. The conjuration cube banishes summoned creatures, extraplanar creatures, and conjured creations. The divination cube makes everything within 5 feet of the cube completely undetectable to divination spells. The enchantment cube renders the possessor completely immune to enchantments. The evocation cube acts as a 10-foot-square antimagic field for the purposes of evocation spells. The illusion cube allows the possessor to see things as if using true seeing. The necromancy cube causes all mindless undead in its vicinity to crumble to dust. The transmutation cube automatically dispels any transmutation effects.[2]

The Cube of Nex vanished with Nex and has not been seen since. Of the remaining eight cubes, three have stayed in Nex.[1]

The evocation, necromancy, and transmutation cubes reside in the palace of Bandeshar in Quantium. The ruling Council of Three and Nine have found the location of the abjuration, conjuration and enchantment cubes but the divination and illusion cubes are lost. The Three and Nine have been unable to find any information about these cubes.[1]

The abjuration cube is currently in the possession of Dominicus Rell, the secretive master of the Lion Blades of Taldor.[1]

The conjuration cube rests in a cave high in the Menador Mountains of northern Cheliax. The cave is guarded by a large contingent of devils but none of the devils can enter the cave to retrieve the conjuration cube.[1]

The enchantment cube resides in the magic item collection of the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge in Absalom.[1]


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