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Daughter of Urgathoa

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Daughter of Urgathoa
Illcayna Alonnor, also known as the Wight Mother of Isger, is a Daughter of Urgathoa.

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 309

A daughter of Urgathoa is an adopted child of the Pallid Princess, the goddess Urgathoa herself. Given new purpose at the moment of death, these undead creatures of warped flesh and bone continue to serve their new mother as they did in life.1


Though bearing some resemblance to the women they once were, it is impossible not to recognize daughters of Urgathoa for the monsters they have become. Their bodies are warped and twisted, and are both supported and propelled by a sinuous tentacle formed from bodily tissues and excretions. All daughters of Urgathoa possess a hand that has increased in both size and lethality to become a great claw—an effective weapon for the undead creature. Although their individual appearances vary wildly, most are much larger than they were in life, often standing nearly 15 feet in height and weighing more than 600 pounds.123

No two daughters look alike, as the goddess' transformation is unique to each individual. Each maintains certain aspects of their mortal appearance, although such things as distinctive clothes or jewelry are mimicked in flesh and bone.1

Daughters of Urgathoa possess formidable abilities, retaining a number of those they had in life, in addition to those gained from their transformation. They can spread disease with a simple touch, and the blessings of the Pallid Princess follow wherever they go.12


Considered the most desired position by the church of Urgathoa, only the most devoted priestesses are transformed into daughters of Urgathoa upon their deaths. These undead creatures continue to serve their goddess, often leading cults of increasing size and strength as new followers flock together to follow one of Urgathoa's chosen. Each daughter quickly impacts the world around them, whether it is in the creation of virulent diseases, the creation of undead hordes to attack the living, the creation of evil artifacts, or simply by inspiring greater and more destructive fervor among the followers of Lady Despair.1

On Golarion

As daughters of Urgathoa generally work in great secrecy, no one knows how many of them are currently forwarding their goddesses' goals. Below is a short list of the best-known daughters on Golarion.1


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