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Type Animal
CR 3
Environment Temperate forests

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 82

Digmauls are large, cat-like animals with tails ending in spiked, bony clubs. They preferentially inhabit thick, pristine forests, and as such are mostly encountered by hermits and adventurers traveling through their territories or by pioneers settling the wildernesses they inhabit. They hunt either through ambush, waiting on a high branch for prey to pass below, or by stealthily tracking a target for hours or days at a time, using their keen sense of smell to keep track of their target. When making a kill, they use their mace-like tails to beat their prey to death.[1]


Digmauls are stout, brown-furred felines about three feet high at the shoulder, their most obviously unique feature being the spiky clubs at the end of their long tails. In addition to the common breed, there are also a variety of rare, bluish-grey digmauls known as silvercats, whose tail clubs lack the spikes that other digmauls have.[1]


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