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A donkey pulls a cart in the Swardlands.
Type Animal
Images of donkeys

Source: Adventurer's Armory, pg(s). 16, 21

Donkeys, also called asses, are four-legged pack and labor animals that sometimes can serve as a mount.[1][2][3]


Donkeys bear some resemblance to horses, though they are generally shorter. An average pack donkey weighs about 600 pounds.[2]

On Golarion

Donkeys are often sold and employed as working animals, particularly as mounts for dwarves and humans[4] or as pack animals.[5] Katapesh has an active donkey market, and in most of the Inner Sea region they are often used to pull carts or plow fields.[1]

In the city of Katapesh, donkeys pull the two-wheeled carts of dung carters who tidy up the city's busy streets.[6]

Creatures with shared features

  • Ghuls are distinguished from ghoul suli by the distinctive donkey hooves that ghuls have instead of feet.[7][8][9]