Dragon Legion

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Dragon Legion
Type Military
Headquarters Skyfire Mandate, Triaxus
Goals Protect the Skyfire Mandate
Members Triaxians and dragonkin

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 35
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The Dragon Legion is an army of Triaxians riding dragonkin that keep the Skyfire Mandate safe from the depredations of the dragons from the Drakelands.[1]


The Dragon Legion is sworn to no government, and only has one purpose: to prevent the Drakelands from expanding east, to the Skyfire Mandate and the Allied Territories.[2]


The Legion's overarching policies are decided by a tribunal of 13 most decorated commanders; commanders otherwise have complete authority within their holdings. Disputes between commanders are heavily discouraged and either settled through meetings arbitrated by other commanders or brought to the tribunal, or in extreme cases in single combat. Military action against other commanders is considered high treason and punishable by execution by high-altitude drop.[3]


The Dragon Legion accepts members of all species, with the vast majority being Triaxians and dragonkin. In combat, the dragonkin often fight with huge lances and glaives while ridden by Triaxians who provide fire support and magic. However, the dragonkin is more than just a steed, but an equal partner bonded by love, trust, and fellowship, even outside of the battlefield, where the Triaxians serve as domestic partners and caretakers.[2] Many legionnaires are taught the teachings of Apsu, but not his connection to Golarion, since the Legion's leaders do not want younger members to go there prematurely; instead, they hope to raise a grand army to offer Apsu on the eve of his final battle with Dahak.[4]

Commanders of the western holdings tend to accumulate more prestige, since they constantly contest against the dragons. The eastern holdings pull their weight by rotating soldiers into certain border fortifications built for this purpose, though western legionaries still insult them with the term eastlander, since they actually get to retreat to safety.[3]


The Dragon Legion's aeries are hidden on mountains and capable of enduring the wrath of a true dragon.[1]


The Dragon Legion's main sources of income are spoils of war and tribute from the communities they protect and recruit from. Though the common people might complain that the Legion is 'fattening itself while producing nothing', few are willing to give up the protection, and most legionnaires, no matter how arrogant, are treated with respect. Recently, some larger eastern city-states have started demanding the Legion to leave them alone, even claiming that the dragons are no longer a threat.[1][3]


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