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A blue dragonkin.
Type Dragon
CR 9
Environment Any mountains (Triaxus)
Images of dragonkin

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 61
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Dragonkin[1] fall somewhere on the spectrum between true dragons and drakes in both power and intelligence. Dragonkin come in all manners of intelligence based on their environment, some are even-tempered, wise or brutes in their way of thinking both capable of accomplishing great good and evil much like the humanoids they share Triaxus with.[2][3]

On Triaxus

They are natives of the planet Triaxus, where they easily fit in with the humanoid Triaxians. The most unique quality of the dragonkin is how easily they bond with other races. Those that oppose the depredations of the Drakelands easily recognize the potential of the Allied Territories and the Skyfire Mandate's Dragon Legion's culture and often adopt individuals as their riders.

Once a dragonkin comes of age, it can form a partnership that few could ever fathom between a dragonkin and their rider, who acts as their dearest companion. Such a pairing in battle proves to be a deadly combination as the two are in constant telepathic contact with one another, so much so that those enemies that survive often believe that they faced one creature instead of two. When not in combat, the bonded rider is responsible for the care and providing for their draconic companions, though this is not mere servitude but a social dynamic in the fostering of a stronger bond.[2][3]


Dragonkin are long and sleek, built for their quickness and dexterity. An average adult dragonkin is between 15 to 20 feet long and weighs about 2,000 pounds. They vary very little in size or weight across genders.[2][3]

Habitat and society

They often adopt the culture and way of thinking from the humanoid races, and along with these finer mannerisms they also adopt the use of armor to strengthen their role in combat. Another boon they have compared to their relatives is that they possess enough manual dexterity in their forelimbs to adopt the use of weapons, favoring long-hafted weapons such as lances, glaives or even lucerne hammers, with deadly efficiency in combat.

However, they are seen and mocked by true dragons as weak willed and disgusting for their ability to adapt and get along with the humanoid races.[2][3]


Paizo published an article on dragonkin on page 61 of Distant Worlds, and dragonkin society on Triaxus is detailed in The Frozen Stars.

  1. The singular and plural of dragonkin are the same.
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