Einmarch Henderthane

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Lord Einmarch Henderthane
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax
Organization House Henderthane
Died 4709 AR

Lord Einmarch Henderthane was until 4709 AR the leader of the powerful Henderthane family of Cheliax. As the chief arms merchant to the House Thrune, Lord Henderthane was considered extremely loyal to the crown.[1][2] Only in his early fifties when he passed, Lord Henderthane's death was not seen as overly suspicious, and was not officially investigated by the guard or the Hellknights. It was only when his daughter, Pavanna Henderthane, asked Count Varian Jeggare to look into his death, that the truth was revealed: Einmarch had been murdered by the devil Orxines for failing to go along with a decades-old plot.[2][3]

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