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The Twice-Damned Prince

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #30: The Twice-Damned Prince
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March 10, 2010

The Twice-Damned Prince, an adventure by Brian Cortijo and James Jacobs, with support articles by Adam Daigle, Darrin Drader, F. Wesley Schneider, and Neil Spicer, and fiction by Dave Gross, is the sixth and final chapter in the Council of Thieves adventure path and was released on March 10, 2010.

At the Gates of HellTheir deception revealed and their plans waylaid, two deadly and Hell-touched siblings make a desperate final play for control of Westcrown. With the city in chaos and its leaders fled, few stand to defend the beleaguered people when the plots of fiends turn upon them. At the same time, the rulers of Cheliax launch their own ruthless plot to retake control. Can the PCs return order and shatter the Council of Thieves' age-old stranglehold on Westcrown once and for all? Or will the former capital slide fully into the grip of a terrible new deviltry? It's up to the PCs to decide in the climax of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path!

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path completes the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and includes:


This adventure brings to a close the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and puts the fate of the city of Westcrown squarely upon the PCs' shoulders. If they are able to quell the riots and stop the Council of Thieves from seizing control in time, they may just be able to prove to Cheliax's diabolical government that Westcrown is indeed in good hands—but if they fail, a new and oppressive age of martial law will dawn! With support articles, five new monsters in the Pathfinder Bestiary, and the final installment of Hell's Pawns, best-selling author Dave Gross' Pathfinder's Journal novella, this volume ends the Council of Thieves Adventure Path with a bang!

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The Twice-Damned Prince
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Adventure overview


The city of Westcrown is perched on the edge of chaos, its nobility cowering and the city guard in turmoil as the Council of Thieves, now in the control of ambitious and dangerous new leaders, makes its bid for control. News of the disorder in the city has reached the Chelish capital city, and an armed force is said to be gathering to come down to bring order—if the player characters can't defeat the Council of Thieves and restore order before the Chelish General and his troops arrive, riots will be the least of their problems. Of course, more than mere thieves work for the age-old Council—for undead and devils and worse stand between the heroes of Westcrown and a brighter future.