Elder Sign

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Elder Sign
The Elder Sign.
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Strong abjuration
Caster Level (1E)
Slot (1E)
Source: Horror Adventures, pg(s). 227

The Elder Sign1 is a stone tablet with a bas-relief in the shape of a twig with five branches. It is a potent magical sigil capable of reliably keeping creatures and magic of the Elder Mythos at bay, or banishing such creatures to the place on the Material Plane where they originated. However, there are only a limited number of Elder Signs in existence, and each one destroyed permanently lessens the universe's defenses against the horrors beyond.23


An Elder Sign has three powers, each of which requires the recitation of a different occult mantra to activate:3

  • Banishment: The Elder Sign can banish a creature back to its home plane. It can also target creatures native to the same plane where the Elder Sign is activated, in which case it sends the creature to its point of origin. If the target is a Great Old One, the banishment always succeeds.
  • Magic Disruption: The Elder Sign can undo the magic of others, ending the effects of spells and suppressing the power of magic items.


Only eldritch creatures can be affected by an Elder Sign, which is to say those connected to cosmic horror or the Elder Mythos. Some creatures are innately connected to these forces, the best known of which being the Great Old Ones,3 but any creature or being can become associated through worship, such as is the case with the Old Cults, Night Heralds, and Dominion of the Black, and as a result become valid targets for the Elder Sign's power.[citation needed]


An Elder Sign keeps the Great Old One Cthulhu trapped in stasis in the sunken city of R'lyeh.4

Destruction Conditions

An Elder Sign can only be destroyed if used to banish a Great Old One.23


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