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Titles The Dreamer in the Deep
Home R'lyeh, Earth
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Cataclysms
The Stars
Worshipers Old Cults; half-insane artists, poets, and visionaries
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Evil, Madness, Void
Subdomains Dark Tapestry, Insanity, Nightmare, Stars
Favored Weapon Dagger
Symbol Complex rune around eye
Sacred Animal None
Sacred Colors Black, blue
Images of Cthulhu

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 138
Type Aberration
(chaotic, evil, Great Old One)
CR 30
Environment Any (R'lyeh)
Images of Cthulhu

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 138

Ancient Cthulhu[1] is a Great Old One, a being of tremendous power akin to that of a demigod. For now, he lies asleep in the corpse city of R'lyeh on a distant world far from Golarion, but he can reach across the voids of space to touch the sleeping minds of mortals despite his death-like slumber. He is regarded as the herald of the Outer Gods, and his unholy symbol is a complex rune surrounding an open eye.[2]


True followers of Cthulhu are almost always insane, driven to madness by haunted dreams. They gravitate to barely trodden places, infecting others with terrible visions of their master rising from his sunken city.[3]

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