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(extraplanar, mythic)
23 / MR 6
Any (extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 86

Elohim1 are strange alien beings obsessed with creating miniature worlds populated with creatures of its choosing.2


An elohim is a winged, one-eyed being with a mix of features from insects, fungi and other creatures.2


The elohim are virtually silent about their origin. The prevailing hypothesis is that the gods crafted elohim as proxies to populate reality's first draft, the First World. When the gods hit upon a configuration they enjoyed, they abandoned the First World, freeing the elohim to continue their own designs in the Astral Plane.3


Elohim create permanent demiplanes or change remote environments in existing planes, seed them with new life, then eventually abandon them. An elohim might return after many decades to observe how its creations have fared, and might allow them to live or eradicate them. Elohim rarely communicate with other beings, and always in a cryptic fashion.2

Elohim today predominantly live in the Astral Plane. They seem incapable of reproduction, and most shulsagas believe that elohim created them as a form of proxy children. Some shulsagas believe that they can metamorphose into elohim by attaining enlightenment. This idea is supported by tales of shulsaga paragons, but disputed by the elohim's dwindling numbers, suggesting that they are an endangered species.4

The elohim often come in conflict with the anunnaki, another extraplanar race that manipulates the fates of other creatures. Some sages believe that the two races are both working to prevent a possible future calamity, and that their conflicts stem from a disagreement on how this should be done.5


  1. The singular and plural are the same for elohim.
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