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An anunnaki.

Monstrous humanoid
(mythic, shapechanger)
18 / MR 7
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 28

Anunnaki1 are a race of god-like beings that shape the very direction of civilisations and reside in an enigmatic world believed to exist out of phase with the Material Plane.2


In its true form, an anunnaki resembles a towering humanoid with a strange, stony head and small, mechanical wings. When interacting with other species, each anunnaki adopts the guise of that species and calibrates its form to fit the mores and prejudices of the specific society.2


The enigmatic anunnaki homeworld comes into contact with the Material Plane only once every few millennia. During this time, anunnaki travel to other worlds in order to manipulate the course of evolution, uplifting civilisations with their esoteric technology. After a few decades, they leave and are often remembered as deities, but not always as benevolent saviours, by their former charges.2

The anunnaki are responsible for the creation of the hive, an invasive alien species that seek to spread and devour all other life.3


Anunnaki often come into conflict with elohim, and the aftershocks of their conflicts can be felt for millennia after the fighting has ended. According to some sages, they are both trying to prevent some future calamity but disagree on how to do this. Ancient records from cultures shaped by the anunnaki reference divine visions of great, devouring rifts in the darkness between the stars and the terrible, unimaginable entities that dwell within them.2

Some anunnaki have more sinister agendas not shared by the rest of their people. They are often free to do what they wish as long as they are not noticed by their fellow anunnaki, which is very frequently since it is difficult for other creatures to find or contact any of their race. Some renegade anunnaki use their subjects in large-scale experiments to create hybrids, while others advance theirs too rapidly, which often results in the uplifted society unsuited to handle such vast changes.2

Anunnaki prefer to interact with most humanoids with their true nature hidden, and might depart a conversation abruptly if their real identity becomes known.2

All contact between anunnaki and xiomorns has ended in violence, due to misunderstanding and circumstance. It is possible that some farsighted race might be actively trying to prevent them from working together.4


  1. Anunnaki serves as the singular and plural forms.
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