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Shulsagas are a race of relatively humanoid-looking outsiders from the Astral Plane.1


Shulsagas average seven feet in height and weigh about 240 pounds. Their skin is sculpted and covered in jagged scales, and they ride on a disk of radiant energy.1


Shulsagas will often adopt iotons and nurture them, feeding them enough culture and personhood to take on the form of a shulsaga.2 Juvenile shulsagas are genderless. At the age of 100, they mature and each individual can then choose their own gender, which they will carry for the rest of their life. Shulsagas can live more than 500 years, but most are killed before that.1'


Shulsagas live in a simple society, based around tribal villages that drift upon stray chunks of matter. They often train astral leviathans to pull and defend their homes.1

Shulsagas guard nascent demiplanes in the Astral Plane and seek to protect them from mortal influences and meddlers, whether intentional or not. Because of this, they rarely welcome visitors. They are often described as hunters, but being natives of a timeless plane, they need no sustenance and instead hunt for planar rifts to keep their charges. Once they are sure that each demiplane has coalesced completely and can no longer be tainted by stray philosophies, shulsagas leave them.3

Shulsagas keep a strong neutral stance to avoid contaminating their charges, and those who display strong alignment extremes are exiled until they become neutral enough. Rarely, they might seek the help of strangers, usually adventurers, when they want to cultivate a particular trait or ethical foundation for a plane, or when they need to fend off a confirmed threat.3

The only creatures trusted by shulsagas are aeons, and they typically stand aside or try to aid an aeon if it wants a particular change within the shulsagas' territory, even if such a thing contradicts the tribe's beliefs.3

Shulsagas congregate in the city of Yulgamot, the Calendar Stone, which drifts through the Astral Plane. Shulsagas view this city as sacred, and it is here that they quarry the stones they float upon.2


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